Santa Caterina da Siena University Hall of Residence

Year: 2007-2010 - Location: Pavia, Italy

University housing facility, 50 rooms; cultural, teaching and leisure services; 27.000 ft².

Santa Caterina Da Siena 1 800x533
Santa Caterina Da Siena 2 800x533

The residence was wanted by the University Residence Santa Caterina da Siena to host students involved in postgraduate studies with biomedical address. The building is located within the Cravino campus, as part of the scientific facilities of the University of Pavia, next to the countryside.

The architecture, based on a squared courtyard plan, revisit the Lombard courtyard building style, using masonry, plaster and stone for the exterior elevations. The ground floor hosts reception, services and collective facilities: study, videos and music rooms, library, gym and chapel. The lecture hall with 120 seats, is organized on a double height and marks architecturally the corner of the building. At the other floors are placed 50 single rooms, grouped into 6 rooms units with shared facilities.

Tags: Design, Work supervision, Apartments, Collective building

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