Design and Production

Since its inception, in 1952, Studio Calvi has been characterized by a passion for design.

Design, intended as the creative phase of conceiving the best solution of an architectural and structural problem, must be followed by a patient and meticulous confrontation with an infinite number of details, codes clauses, environmental constraints, societal and client needs.

The glorious initial phase of envisaging an intelligent and possibly innovative response to an engineering problem is thus a meaningless exercise if it is not taken to its true birth and culmination, in which drawn lines and mathematical equations are transfigured into steel, concrete, glass and carbon fibers.

Design is nothing without construction

This fascinating intimate intertwining of ideas, formulations and construction technologies, bent together to meet practical needs of living, moving, producing is a unique characterization of the construction art, and the guiding light of our way of working.

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Project Management

Managing a project, from conception to land acquisition, to the acquisition of environmental permits, to detailed design, validation, construction, final inspection, is not a matter for individual branch of knowledge specialists, but rather for pragmatic dreamers.

We experienced this following the earthquake in L’Aquila (2009), when the challenge was to provide safe, decent and fully operational dwellings to fifteen thousands homeless people in six months.

We struggled in the Maddalena Island (2008–2010) to prevent the transformation of the renovation of the historical navy yard from a driving force of a stylish development into a source of illegal profits.

We drove the construction of one hundred new schools in Costa Rica (2015-2018), funded by the Inter-American Development Bank.

In all these projects, and in other ones, the management of complex data bases combined with the implementation of sophisticated and innovative monitoring systems.

Studio Calvi has the experience, the integrated contribution of different experts, the rigorous capacity of control, the combined vision, to face the challenge of making small dreams of humanity come true.

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Industrial development and Research

Research and development is the driving force of innovation and competitiveness of any company in any market. This is a general well known principle.

Although this obviously applies to Studio Calvi as well, where a continuous effort is made to remain at the edge of the art of structural and architectural design, keeping the pace of knowledge and technology progress, the same words apply here to a different meaning.

Actually Studio Calvi does not simply apply the best available tools, but rather actively participate in science and technology developments.

Non-trivial examples of this DNA attitude are the conception and detailed development of innovative seismic isolation devices, extensively produced and applied, and the creation and implementation of survey, assessment, analysis and design tools and their combination into WEG-GIS routines.

Studio Calvi is a true think-tank and an effective link between applied research and industrial development in civil engineering.

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