• Pavia Cathedral Museum
  • Pavia Cathedral Museum

Pavia Cathedral Museum

Year: 2004-2006 - Location: Pavia, Italy

Hypogee museum; archaeological excavations and improvement of the underground spaces of Pavia Cathedral; finds restoration.

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The restoration made accessible the underground medieval spaces, giving back a unique heritage contained within the large complex of the Cathedral. The path of the museum runs entirely below the Cathedral and is structured as a journey through the architectural changes, it rejoins in a single path for heterogeneous environments the constructive periods, the spatial conformation and the different floor levels.

The intervention consisted in the restoration of the architectural elements, in the archaeological excavation and in the consolidation of structures. The understanding of the vicissitudes of the place and of the phases of the restoration intervention is made easy with explanatory panels that guide the tour.

Tags: Design, Work supervision, Restoration, Collective building

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