Borgosesia Hospital

Year: 2003-2008 - Location: Borgosesia (VC), Italy

New hospital with 216 beds, heliport, emergency, diagnostic and therapeutic services, operating theatres, medical services; 250.000 ft².

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The hospital is nestled in a green forest on the right bank of the Sesia river and is equipped with Emergency and Reception Department ​​and helipad. The wards are located between the first and the fourth floor within two symmetrical L-shaped buildings and include surgery, rehabilitation and general medical care areas with cares intensity gradually decreasing towards the upper floors. On the ground floor the two wings are diagnostics and outpatients with an high load of users.

The octagonal entrance tower contains the reception and the administrative services; the central pavilion, connected to the rest of the complex with three walkways, is directed to high-tech functions (operating theaters, radiology, laboratories, power plants).

Tags: Design, System upgrade, Collective building, Hospital facilities

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