Anatolian Viaduct

Year: 2000-2005 - Location: Bolu, Turkey

Post-earthquake retrofit (Ducze, 1999); 7.870 ft lenght, 60 spans; the deck has been isolated and re-positioned; improvement of the static behaviour of the deck through a continuous scheme.

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The Bolu Viaduct No.1, first in a series of viaducts of the Great Anatolian Highway, located in the mountainous region at about 300km from Istanbul, was essentially complete when the Duzce earthquake occurred on 11/12/1999. The viaduct was heavily damaged. After 1 year of internal discussions, the project has been approved by the Turkish authorities. The viaduct is made of 119 bays, originally simply supported, each of them about 38m long.

The deck has been repositioned moving 360m long segments. The use of post-tensioned transverse r.c. beams allowed to improve the static behavior of the bridge through a continuous scheme instead of the original one. For the isolation system have been used friction pendulum devices (displacement capacity :+/- 0.9m).

Tags: Bridge, Design, Base isolation, Seismic assessment, Retrofit

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