• Broni Stradella Hospital
  • Broni Stradella Hospital

Broni-Stradella Hospital

Year: 2005-2008 - Location: Stradella (PV), Italy

New hospital with 139 beds, emergency, operating theatres, outpatients’ department, dialysis unit, x-ray dept and medical services; 160.000 ft².

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The hospital has an accommodation capacity of 139 beds arranged in double and single rooms and is equipped with a clinic, diagnostic for images, emergency unit, endoscopy, dialysis, operating room and hospital services. The building adapts itself to the natural irregularities of the area and is characterized by the aggregation of two stay units along 2 perpendicular wings, arranged with an L shape, which converge in a central node marked by a protruding element, which shows the presence of the main entrance.

Inside the building have been obtained some courts that collect natural light and share it among the 2 levels that host the wards. The pace of the rooms leads to a facade with alternating bands of windows and vertical blind units, covered with prefabricated brick panels.

Tags: Design, Work supervision, Collective building, Hospital facilities

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