Caprera - La Maddalena Bridge

Year: 2008-2009 - Location: La Maddalena (OT), Italy

171 ft lenght bridge, composed by a double reticular 3D steel structure. The bottom arch (7 inches) is built with an high performance concrete.

Caprera La Maddalena Bridge 1 800x533
Caprera La Maddalena Bridge 2 800x533
Caprera La Maddalena Bridge 3 800x533
Caprera La Maddalena Bridge 4 800x533
Caprera La Maddalena Bridge 5 800x533

The site lies in the heart of the Natural Park of La Maddalena, in a landscape of outstanding natural value. The bridge covers a total span of 52 m and is divided into three bays. The central span is 25 m long, each of the two lateral bays is 13.5 m long. The bridge has a double three-dimensional reticular structure according to a Deck Arch Bridge static scheme, addressed to obtain an high slenderness.

The lower arc is made of high-performance concrete, as well as the deck, in order to reduce the thicknesses up to a minimum of 22 cm. The deck has been post-tensioned with high-strength steel strands in order to optimize the response under tensile loads induced by the function of upper element developed within the overall reticular mechanism of the structure.

Tags: Bridge, Design, Work supervision

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