Logistics port area

Year: 2015 - Loction: Trieste, Italy

Design of isolation system for the Logistics Platform between Legnami Scalo and the former Italsider, in the port of Trieste on an area of approximately 700000ft2.

Logistics Port Area
Logistics Port Area
Logistics Port Area
Logistics Port Area

The seismic isolation project of the main platform of the Logistic Platform in the port of Trieste, with a surface area of 65,000 m2, is part of a project that involves the recovery of a total area of 250,000 square meters to be used for port use.

The recovery plan involves the construction of a platform on marine grounds on which new rail and road connections are planned and a new berth for Ro-Ro ships. The structure in question is composed of three main elements: the plate that will constitute the quay on which the port activities will take place (superstructure); the isolators devices on which the superstructure will rest; piles-pile drilled in the ground supporting the isolators (substructure).

Tags: Design, Base isolation, Seismic assessment

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