Carrefour Shopping Center

Year: 2007 - Location: Pavia, Italy

Superstore and shopping mall with 80 shops, 225.000 ft²; car parking 1.100.000 ft².

Carrefour Pavia 1 800x533
Carrefour Pavia 2 800x533
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The Carrefour in Pavia, along the Vigentina road, is a single-storey supermarket with a shopping mall and with support buildings adjacent to the main one. Characterized by an high prefabrication degree, was built in a quite short time period (from May to November 2007), in order to allow the opening over the Christmas period, with double shifts and peaks of presence of over 60 companies.

The columns are  made with precast reinforced concrete, roofing is made with a glulam timber frame and the deck with insulating self-supporting panels. The external precast walls are made with concrete, coupled with bricks rainscreen cladding on the main elevations. The mall is built around a gallery that connects the three entrances and, winding in a loop route, serves 60 shops. 

Tags: Design, Work supervision, Collective building

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