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C.N.A.O. Foundation

Year: 2003-2009 - Location: Pavia, Italy

Oncological Hadrontherapy National Centre. Unique Italian centre with syncrotrone for hadrontherapy treatments; 225.000 ft².

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The complex hosts the first Italian center, second in Europe, for the treatment of cancer with the technique of adrotherapy. The technology for the generation and acceleration of particles for medical treatment is based on the use of a synchrotron of about 25 meters diameter, with 2 simulation rooms, 5 preparation rooms and 3 for the treatment of patients (150 per day at full regime).

For reasons of protection from radiation walls were built up to 4m thickness using a self-compacting and radiation-proof concrete with low hydration heat; to avoid differential settlements of the foundation have been made 8m of jet-grouting; to close the synchrotron room, 36m span with a green roof, have been employed bridge beams of 120 tons of weight.

Web site: www.fondazionecnao.it 

Tags: Design, Work supervision, Collective building, Hospital facilities

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