Arachthos Bridge

Year: 2005 - Location: Greece

Assessment of displacement capacities, clearances of support devices and effectivness of the damping system.

Arachtos Bridge 1 800x533
Arachtos Bridge 2 800x533

The Arachthos Bridge is composed of two independent and parallel structures, built by the balanced cantilever technique, crossing a deep valley and a river. Each of this structures is a continuous frame composed of eight 142 m spans nad two 92 end spans; the maximum height of the piers is about 80 m.

The bridge is composed by two independent single cell girders with a width of the roadway equal to 13.4 m. Consulting services consisted in the assessment of displacement capacities, clearances of support devices and effectiveness of the damping system.

Tags: Bridge, Base isolation, Seismic assessment

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