Fondazione Bruni Mattei - Lecture hall

Year: 2002-2003 - Location: Pavia, Italy

Restoration of university housing with a new multimedial lecture hall with 150 seats.

The renovation project has essentially maintained the existing spatial arrangement and has radically changed the finishing materials. The interior takes on the form of a room with clear reminiscences related to Nordic building tradition, where the beech cladding panels of the vertical walls, together with acid-etched glass panels back-lighted with a wave plasterboard ceiling, allow to create an atmosphere of harmony and light.

The project conveys the logic of technical integration of systems with architectural details. The hall has a capacity of 192 seats, the room floor is covered with a smooth ash-colored Brazilian stone, the stage one is in natural oak with a Brazilian stone band along the perimeter.

Tags: Design, Work supervision, Refurbishment, System upgrade

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