Palazzo Botta Museum

Year: 2016 - 2017 - Location: Pavia, Italy

Restoration and recovery of the building complex hosting the Natural Science Museum “Lazzaro Spallanzani” in the ground floor premises, approximately 17.222 ft2.

Palazzo Botta 1 800x533
Palazzo Botta 2 800x533
Palazzo Botta 3 800x533

The intervention is the first lot of the restoration and recovery program to the building complex called Palazzo Botta in Pavia, granted in use at the University of Pavia. The first intervention lot involves redevelopment and upgrading of Museum of Natural Sciences which involves eight large rooms on the ground floor in the northern sector of the eighteenth-century nucleus and the rooms of the nineteenth-century cue already occupied by the museum itself, to which underground rooms for storages and laboratories are annexed.

The rooms recovered are destined to host an important scientific collection already housed in the premises of the Visconti castle of Pavia.

Tags: Design, Work supervision, Restoration, System upgrade, Collective building

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