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La Maddalena - G8 Summit 2009

Year: 2008-2009 - Location: La Maddalena (OT), Italy

Works supervision for the renovation of the naval dockyard: hotels, main conference, press center and accomodations for the 2009 Summit G8; 1.670.000 ft².

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Prof. G. M. Clavi as Project Manager.

The works for the 2009 G8 Summit, then moved to L'Aquila, involved more than 155,000 square meters of La Maddalena island, and in particular the historical Arsenal of the Military Navy, with the construction of two large exhibition and commercial halls, two luxury hotels, an international conference center, conference and press facilities, as well as a port equipped to meet the most advanced yachting needs, that can accommodate 600 boats. The infrastructure, which involved the participation of prestigious architects such as Boeri and Casamonti, were completed within one year with an average of 1,600 workers per day and then converted to the creation of an excellence tourism center in the western Mediterranean.

Tags: Design, Work supervision, Project management

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