GSAT - Seismic assessment of a portfolio of buildings

Year: 2016 - current - Location: Groningen (The Netherlands)

Definition of a system for the seismic assessment of a portfolio of buildings subjected to induced seismicity.

Gsat Verifica Sismica Edifici
Gsat Verifica Sismica Edifici

A knowledge based support system for engineers, the Groningen Seismic Assessment Tool (GSAT), is being developed to assist in conducting the seismic assessment and design of any required strengthening for unreinforced masonry residential houses subjected to induced seismicity in the Groningen area (The Netherlands).

The GSAT is based on a multilevel assessment procedure, which is capable of providing results on the performance of specific buildings with increasing level of accuracy for increasing level of required information. The first tier consists in assigning a pre-defined capacity curve based on the typology and sub-typology the structure belongs to; the following tiers represent a building-specific assessment based on more refined analyses.

Tags: Seismic assessment, Retrofit, Project management