Seismic dynamic test on site

Seismic dynamic test on site

Year: 2015 - current - Location: Italy

The project includes the design and execution of in-situ dynamic tests on existent residential unreinforced masonry buildings to verify the response of the structure under seismic action, identify the most critical elements and define the most relevant parameters to calibrate numerical models.

The execution of tests requires also the design and construction of an ad hoc developed mobile laboratory to be located on a truck and moved from site to site.

The main advantage of this procedure is the possibility of operating on real buildings; hence, the results will provide indications on effects and performances of the actual state of the structure. Re-testing of existing buildings after the implementation of local or global strengthening measures is also possible.

The design and construction of the mobile lab is by Eucentre.

Tags: Seismic assessment, Retrofit, Project management

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