Year: 2012 - Location: France, Italy

Development of Base Isolation System and design guidelines, for a wide range of Building configurations, soil condition and seismic demand.

The aim of the project is the description of a simple and quick procedure to provide preliminary design and rough but reliable cost estimation for the construction of the under structure of generic seismic isolated building. The under structure is composed by four elements: concrete post-tensioned foundation slab, columns, isolator devices – placed on the top of the columns - and concrete post-tensioned upper slab sustained by the devices.

The design evaluations, based on a column span of 8m in both directions, leads to a required thickness for the isolated slab varying from 350 mm to 650 mm according the super structure loads. The foundation thickness varies from 550 mm to 1450 mm. The minimum surface of the isolated slab is 18m x 18m; the maximum surface of the isolated slab is 202 m x 202m.

Download this file (ISOSLAB - En.pdf)ISOSLAB - En.pdf5431 kB

Tags: Base isolation

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