Rion Antirtion Bridge

Year: 2004 - Location: Korinthiakos Kolpos (Corinthian Gulf), Greece

Cable-stayed bridge in a very high seismicity site, 7.385 fl lenght, 4 spans 1.836 ft; decks with 6 traffic lanes and 2 pedestrian walkways; 200 hollow steel pipes for each pier.

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Nicknamed Poseidon Bridge, it crosses the Gulf of Corinth and connects the Peloponnese to the Greek mainland. Opened the 8/8/2004 by the passage of the Olympic flame is one of the main cable-stayed bridges in the world, with an overall length of 2.883m and spans of 560m. The foundations of the 4 r.c. towers (90m in diameter) were built in dry dock and towed offshore before being finally  completed and submerged, they have a total height of 226m (64m underwater).

The bridge is designed to withstand earthquakes of magnitude 7 (Richter scale), winds of 250 km/h and collision of oil tankers. Due to the high seismicity and to the geotechnical characteristics the seabed has been reinforced with 200 hollow steel piles for each pier, driven at the base and covered with gravel. Prof. Calvi was involved in the Committee for the independent review and validation of seismic design.

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Tags: Bridge, Design, Base isolation, Seismic assessment

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